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How did our world come into existence?

One of the biggest ‘mysteries’ in physics that is yet to be solved is how the atoms/elements we see the periodic table (and others) were actually formed. After the big bang, only two very basic elements – hydrogen and helium – were brought into existence. So, from these basic elements, how did a world with gold and silver, sodium and nitrogen, copper and uranium come into existence?

This and many more fundamental questions will be dealt with by new particle laboratories being built in Europe. Here are a few excerpts from “Supernova-creating particle accelerators will make the biggest bangs we have ever known“:

“The periodic table is meant to be an authoritative list, but scientists believe there are a few elements missing. Well, not exactly a few – more likely between 3,500 and 7,000. […] These atoms are also going to be extremely short-lived, lasting just a trillionth of a trillionth of a second before disappearing.”

“This new breed of atom-smashers will recreate some of the most extreme conditions found in the universe, creating miniature supernovae (huge explosions triggered when stars collapse), neutron stars [remnants of massive stars that have collapsed under their own gravity during a supernova explosion] and even the mysterious vampire stars [objects that suck gas from stellar neighbours which is thought to ignite exotic nuclear reactions] right here on planet Earth.”

“It is hoped that studying these processes will not only reveal new insights into the universe, but also provide new ways of generating energy and cleaning up nuclear fuel, as well as providing diagnostic and therapeutic tools for medicine, and even generating new materials from exotic matter.”


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